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Acer Travelmate 2440 Drivers Windows 7

Acer Travelmate 2440 Drivers Windows 7

Acer Travelmate 2440 Drivers Windows 7

Acer Travelmate 2440 Drivers Windows 7– For a long time, 14-inch tablets have been viewed as exemplary business gadgets: Lenovo’s T440p, HP’s EliteBook 8440p, Toshiba’s Tecra M11 or Dell’s Latitude E6410 have been upper-range models. 15-inch writing machines typically incorporated the passage level part. Today, the passage level business sector has more choices. For instance, Dell gives the Latitude 3440, Fujitsu the LifeBook E544, Lenovo the ThinkPad L440, and HP the ProBook 645 G1. Acer additionally attacked this domain with 14-inch portable workstations years back, for instance, with its TravelMate 8471 (2009). Today, the TravelMate P2xx is the passage into Acer’s portable business world; the TravelMate P6xx is the overhaul. The last components a superior quality case, a genuine docking station, Pro Dock II, and in addition better-quality presentation choices, for example, Full HD. Thusly, the survey test’s higher-quality update is Acer’s TravelMate P645-MG-74508G75tkk that breezed through our tests without a hitch (85%), but on the other hand is very costly at 1500 Euros (~$1700). The most grounded opponent for our TravelMate P246-M is clearly the ThinkPad L440 on the grounds that it is customarily furnished with great info gadgets. The LifeBook E544 got a shockingly decent evaluating of 80%, because of its effectively thought out general idea. We will utilize these two models as the primary adversaries in the examinations. The packaging, made altogether of plastic, does not look great and is fairly unassuming. The keys’ white lettering are the main spots of shading on the whole work surface. The smooth completion with an unpretentious sheen has proceeded on the top. The surfaces give a strong, hard impression, however, they are moderately smooth and dangerous. Fingerprints collect rapidly in spite of the matte quality. The construct is modestly hearty; this is valid for both the base and the cover. We could twist the body with both hands to some degree. At the end of the day, the zone beneath the optical drive turned out to be the powerless point. Clients who convey the 14-inch gadget around with one hand holding one of the front corners will see that the base twists under its own weight. Notwithstanding, this is the situation in numerous portable PCs and is not a genuine defect. The essential palm rest range, including the touchpad and key bed, don’t mark or sound empty, along these lines, the quality impression amid ordinary writing work is not the most exceedingly terrible. The showcase can be opened to very nearly 180 degrees, which is now and then helpful in the workplace when just an outer screen is utilized. The top does not toss shadow over the console. The battery can be evacuated in a customary way; in any case, the TravelMate P246-M does not have a support hatch.

Acer Travelmate 2440 Drivers Windows 7

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How to Install driver Acer:
Here is how to install the drivers on the Asus laptops and notebooks, the steps are as follows.

1. Download the drivers on the table below.
2. Click and select driver download and extract file
3. Please follow the instructions provided and click Next
4. then click Finish
5. finish then Restart Pc or Notebook

That’s how Acer notebook driver install, follow the instructions already given above, please download the required drivers on the download link in the table below.

Acer Travelmate 2440 Drivers Windows 7
Realtek Audio Driver
WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver
Realtek LAN Driver
ATI VGA Driver
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver

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